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Please keep Saturday mornings open as your child could be placed in either A-class (8:20-10:10am) or B-class (10:25am-12:15pm). 


How are the classes formed?


Over the summer months, the staff spends many, many hours discussing and deliberating the class assignments for the new school year.


We consider, the student’s:

  • Achievement Test score – each May, all the students take the same exam
  • Teacher’s recommendation – test results do not always reflect the student’s ability, so the teacher will recommend the class in which she feels the student will thrive
  • Age group – we try to form classes with students of similar age
  • Friendships – we want the students to enjoy themselves too, so we will try to keep the student’s friendships in mind
  • Siblings – this is quite the challenge; we have many families with 2 or 3 children, and we try as much as possible to keep siblings in the same timeframe. However, it’s not always possible without sacrificing the best fit class for the student.


We have 16 classes. Aside from the beginning level classes, the remaining classes are all at different levels and age groups. The teacher will tailor her teaching plan and material to the level of the students she is assigned that year. If you would like to know about her teaching plan, please come to the class orientation on the 1st day of school.


When will I know if my child is placed in A-class or B-class?


The announcement is usually made in the last week of August. We understand that parents are anxious to know, but we ask for your understanding and patience.


Do you take requests?


If your child has a schedule conflict that cannot be changed, we will try to accommodate your child. However, please understand  that making a request may result in a class assignment that is not optimal for your child's level. Only make a request if this is acceptable to you. 


What do we do if the assigned class does not fit my schedule?


Please understand that the assigned class is the best class for your child. So if possible, please see if you can re-arrange your schedule. If you are unable to, you can inform us, and the staff will discuss the possible option(s).

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